Friday, August 17, 2012

Parks Charter Fund in the news again

The Mercury News has published a new editorial on the Parks Charter Fund:
Mercury News editorial: Keep faith with voters on Santa Clara County Parks Charter Fund
Santa Clara County has been a good steward of its voter-approved County Parks Charter Fund for more than 20 years, holding fast to its mission of creating regional parks and assembling trail networks to connect neighborhoods across the valley. People are getting what they voted for: a stellar system of county parks and a web of trails that, with just a few more key links, will also be stellar.
Let's keep it on track.
On Tuesday the county Board of Supervisors again will look at policy proposals to make it easier to divert Parks Charter Fund dollars to neighborhood parks in urban unincorporated areas -- an idea raised by Supervisor George Shirakawa two years ago. But spending this money on purely local parks, with no countywide significance or interest, would break faith with the voters who repeatedly have renewed the Parks Charter Fund with its regional purpose. 
Go to this link for the full text: Mercury News editorial.

Also, please email the Supervisors and tell them to uphold the County’s longstanding policy of using the County Parks Charter Fund for parks and trails of countywide significance, not for small neighborhood-serving parks.

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