Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Action Alert: Vote for Lennie!

Dear Friends,

As you know, Lennie Roberts has been nominated as a Cox Conserves Hero by Cox Enterprises, (the parent company of Channel 2), and The Trust for Public Land!

What's Happening
Five finalists have been nominated for the 2009 Cox Conserves Hero Award. With her work as a Conservation Hero beginning at age 12, Lennie Roberts is a model for grassroots action and a leader extraordinaire for the protection of our open spaces. They ask that the public vote online once for their favorite Everyday Hero. We hope that you will vote to honor her legacy of environmental protection. Click here to see Lennie's segment.Why it is Important
The Everyday Hero that receives the most votes will donate $5,000 to their favorite charity. Lennie has chosen Committee for Green Foothills! Please do take a moment to vote for Lennie Roberts. Please do forward this email to anyone that would be interested in supporting the work of CGF!

What you can do
Vote for Lennie Roberts! Ask your friends, neighborhood groups and professional associations to VOTE FOR LENNIE!

Support CGF with the click of a few keyboard keys!

Thank you for your ongoing and generous support of CGF!

- The folks at Green Foothills

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meeting the Distric 1 Supervisor Candidates

CGF has helped sponsor the South Valley Environmental Collaborative, a group that helps coordinate environmental activities in South Santa Clara County. Last Thursday we held an introduction to four of the five announced candidates for supervisor for District 1 of Santa Clara County, a district that covers over two-thirds of the county. (The fifth candidate couldn't make it.) A few pictures are below.

Early next year, we hope to hold a large public forum on environmental issues.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why County Parkland Shouldn't Be Considered Mitigation for County Road Impacts

Below is a video running through CGF's PowerPoint on the mistake that Santa Clara County is making by balancing the impacts of the County roads and airports with parkland acquired by through the Parks Charter Fund. A letter we wrote is here, and I'm happy to send the PowerPoint file to anyone who wants it.


(Well, that didn't work. Will try again later.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

News Alert: Success in Gilroy and great progress in San Jose!

(CGF sent out the News Alert below about victories in Gilroy and San Jose. -Brian)

We've had great news in Gilroy and San Jose that we want to share with supporters.

All four sprawl proposals in Gilroy that we've been fighting have now been defeated or withdrawn! Since 2008, Committee for Green Foothills fought the proposals for over 1,000 acres of sprawl and inappropriate development that would move the City of Gilroy’s current boundaries outward.

We testified at hearings and sent several highly critical letters about the deficient environmental analysis. We were joined in this by other environmental organizations, local community organizations, and several government agencies that also wrote letters critical of the environmental documentation and the proposals themselves.

Two of the four proposals had already been withdrawn by the applicants when the issue finally reached the Gilroy City Council last week. On a 4-3 vote, Mayor Al Pinheiro and Council Members Peter Arrellano, Kat Tucker, and Perry Woodward voted against certifying the environmental documentation (EIRs) for the projects, which had the effect of killing the proposals. While we regret that it had not been a unanimous vote, Committee for Green Foothills salutes the City Council for making this sensible decision.

Turning to San Jose, the Envision 2040 Task Force has supported a strong policy for protecting streamside riparian corridors from inappropriate development and for closing loopholes in the current policy. For the first time after years of CGF efforts, the City of San Jose agreed to examine whether to continue the current practice of letting developers write the initial version of environmental documents that the City uses for examining streams.

Thank you for your support of CGF! Your support makes it possible for us to continue to be ever vigilant about land protection.

We will lobby Gilroy to develop a Climate Action Plan that will discourage sprawl proposals. We will track San Jose as it considers whether to remove developers' role in preparing the City's environmental documents, and encourage them to expand that change from stream issues to all environmental reviews.

We will continue to monitor the many issues throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

We'll keep active and keep you informed.

- The folks at Committee for Green Foothills