Monday, November 26, 2012

Jumping In With Both Feet - Welcome Liz!

CGF welcomes the arrival of Liz Snyder as our Interim Executive Director. We hit the jackpot!

Says Liz, “For 50 years, Committee for Green Foothills has worked to preserve our foothills, mountains, farms, forests, and coasts. When I think of those 50 years of hard-won victories, I feel a debt of gratitude to all of the staff, Board members, advocates, and supporters that have come through these doors. Without them, much of the natural beauty of the Bay Area would be a thing of the past. I am incredibly excited to be joining the CGF team, and am honored to have the chance to contribute to such important work."

Liz Snyder, CGF Interim Executive Director
Liz is a food activist, anthropologist, and author. She has a master’s degree in nutritional anthropology from Oxford University, where she studied the complex interrelationships between the food marketing industry, nutrition education efforts in our schools, and their profound and unexpected effects on our relationship with food. Liz is the founder of Full Circle Farm, an educational, organic farm on school land that connects the district’s 14,000 children directly to the source of their food.

As a founding member of the Bay Area Children in Nature Collaborative, Liz is also working to engage schools and parents in increasing kids’ access to healthy, outdoor environments.

Liz’s most recent endeavor is Little Bee Pops—bringing healthy, sustainable summer treats to parks and Farmers' Markets in Silicon Valley. Liz will be with us until May 2013 (when the Little Bee Pops season kicks in again) while we search for a permanent ED.

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