Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great news for Northern California and San Mateo Coasts

The Coastal Commission decided yesterday on a 3-2 vote to set up no fishing, no diving/underwater take zones in certain areas of the California coast, including off of Half Moon Bay.

Our oceans have been so devastated with overfishing and other impacts over the last few decades that "safe zones" free from human predation make overwhelming sense. This, incidentally, was one of the idea behind establishing national parks a century ago: that refuges for game animals would be a source of animals that left the protected area where they could then be hunted without risk of wiping out the population.

A fishermen's group rightly notes that water pollution is not addressed or solved by this action, but that's no reason not to move forward. We at CGF are very interested in solving water pollution issues just as much as seeing marine habitats protected from overfishing.

One final note - it's unfortunate that this wasn't a unanimous vote. CGF has paid a lot of attention to getting good people appointed to the Coastal Commission, and it paid off this time.

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