Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meeting notes on AB162 - new requirements for General Plans to address flooding

(Another in my occasional series of notes from meetings, this one a briefing by the Water District to other agencies regarding new requirements under California law AB162 to address flooding issues in General Plan revisions. Hopefully it translates beyond just being notes to myself. -Brian)

AB162 Meeting Notes Feb 18 at Water District

Mandatory for housing revision after 1/1/09

Also requires flood analysis in land use, housing, conservation, and safety

Requires local govts to collaborate plan for and reduce flood risks

Requires update frequency, content analyses for flood and data required

Q for audience when planning GP updates?

Mtn View expects complete by end 2010

Water Board proposing new beneficial use - flood storage

County just working on housing

San jose – almost done with housing, comp update end by 2011

Palo Alto – amending GP just cleanup, draft hsg by june 30

Cupertino – updating housing, haven't begun GP update

Santa Clara city – GP update in 2010

Campbell Sunnyvale, LA Hills – working on hsg

General hierarchy of 162

Rv FEMA maps, DWR maps, any relevant COE maps/data

162 says updates of hsg triggers updates of two other elements (my note – if this is true, major probs ahead)

Water Dist draft Comp Plan URL:

Land use element

162 req annual rv of areas subject to mapping from FEMA and DWR – NEW

Must i.d. flood risk areas – overlay

Specified data from FEMA or DWR

Releasing gis online in may

Other data also useful – such as historic flooding data from Wat Dist – flood damages reports dating back to 1967 with maps

Online at – flood protection – flooding in valley – historic flood reports

My notes – this is good – cannot ignore historic flooding data

Opportunity to consider how imperv surface lead to increased flooding among other impacts

Conservation element – upon next revision of hsg element, the conservation element – i.d. streams, flood corridors, rip habitats, and land that may accommomodate flloddwater for purposes of groundwater recharge and stormwater mgmt.

My note – recharge, not just stormwater

Where do you get data

Gis based stream maps

Recharge maps

Project specific info – quicklinks – gis – looks like needs arcview software

Useful piece of info –

Safety element – reviewed every time housing element reviewed

Min risks of llod to new development; evaluate whether ne dev should be located flood zones; maintain pub services during flooding; locate essential facilities outside flood hazard; establish coop among pub agencies resp for flood protection

A flood ordinance can replace or be the relevant part of safety element if meets same requirements

Opportunities – policies that reduce runoff and increase absorption

Housing - consider level of protection provided by flood mgmt infrastructure

City of Richmond incorporating a climate change element into their GP

Feb 26th joint venture climate change and transprortclimate action plan for san jose

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