Monday, November 6, 2006

Don't forget to go out and vote!

CGF sent the Action Alert below to remind people of issues on tomorrow's ballot. For more information, you can also see our earlier Action Alert, here.


Dear Friends,

I’m sure you’ve already received many reminders to get out and vote in tomorrow’s election. I can’t remember a time when there are more measures on the ballot with the potential to impact the things we care about most: open space, park lands, clean air and water. The biggest concern now is that a low voter turnout could make the difference between winning and losing some of these crucial measures. Please take the time to vote tomorrow, your vote does make a difference! We wanted to remind you of the endorsements the Committee for Green Foothills’ board of directors has made this election season:

* Yes on State Proposition 84, the parks bond measure that provides funding for open space and parkland acquisition, watershed restoration, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and flood control.

* No on State Proposition 90, the “eminent domain reform bill” which is the most far reaching measure on the ballot with the potential to stop all environmental protection measures. If passed it would effectively abolish the passage and enforcement of basic laws that protect the environment.

* Yes on San Mateo County Measure A to fund our parks “for the future” with a small 1/8 cent sales tax increase, money that could be used in city and county parks for anything from acquisition to maintenance to park programming.

* Yes on Santa Clara County Measure A to protect against sprawl paving over our hillsides and agricultural lands.

Three local ballot measures in San Mateo County also threaten open space areas; if you live in Menlo Park, Pacifica, or Brisbane, your vote is needed to:

* Oppose Measure J, in Menlo Park, an advisory measure that asks voters whether the City should proceed with a major sports complex at Bayfront Park.

* Oppose Measure B in Brisbane that would authorize building housing in the Guadalupe Valley Quarry.

* Oppose Measure L in Pacifica that would authorize a zoning change to allow housing in the former Rockaway Quarry.

Many thanks for speaking up for open space!

Holly Van Houten
Executive Director

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