Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The problem with Coyote Valley, in one paragraph

I've been struggling to state clearly why Coyote Valley is such a mess of a proposal under the both current and future economic situations. Holly came up with this definition in preparation for materials to present at Nature's Inspirations, which I think is excellent:

The stated reason to build Coyote Valley is to bring needed jobs to San Jose while providing some housing for people employed in Coyote Valley. Currently the Bay Area has massive office vacancies, so there is no demand for new office construction. However, if all the office space planned for development there were actually built, there wouldn’t be enough housing. Developing new office space this far south of the city central just serves to exacerbate sprawl south through Gilroy, San Benito County and the Central Valley.

Now to get that understanding through to the decision-makers....


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