Friday, June 24, 2005

Court: Coastal Commission is constitutional

The state Supreme Court has ruled that the California Coastal Commission is lawful, and that its previous decisions should stand. The Commission was challenged in court by those who wished to end the group’s excellent work to protect our coast and who claimed that the method of appointing commissioners was unconstitutional.

The ruling, which was unanimous, says that the Commission’s appointment process doesn’t violate the “separation of powers doctrine.”

For more info, read the story in today’s SF Chronicle.

Our almost-off-the-press Summer 2005 Green Footnotes newsletter includes a couple of articles describing how the Coastal Commission works and underscoring the importance of ethics among Commissioners.

If you’re not on the CGF mailing list and would like a copy, let us know. The articles will be posted to our website within the next week or so.

- Kathy


  1. this group , the CCC, is completetly out of control. Their ethics are NOT clean. They hide behind a green mask, stealing people's land and, through that process, their rights.

  2. The Green Footnotes article has some good information about the important work of the Commission. Also see here:

    Hope that's helpful.