Tuesday, January 11, 2005

News bits

The Metro has a nicely-titled "Secrets 'R' Us" piece, half-way down its collection of news items titled "The Fly". Metro picks up where The Pinnacle newspaper left off on the story of how CGF is fighting the County's attempts to disclose environmental documents to developers while locking them away from everyone else.

The Merc has a good article on fighting invasive plant species in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties. This is an issue that may eventually involve CGF - invasive species are generally considered the second biggest threat to biological diversity in developed countries, with habitat loss being the number one problem. The article describes how nurseries stock invasive plants for landscaping that promptly escape and damage the environment. Voluntary action by nurseries to stop selling these plants would be welcome, but government regulation may also be needed.

Finally, the Gilroy Dispatch describes increasing interest in having the City of Gilroy join the Santa Clara Open Space Authority. Gilroy is the only part of Santa Clara County that is not included in an open space district government. Something else that needs support.


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  1. A map on the Open Space Authority website makes painfully clear that Gilroy is the only incorporated city in the county not to be included in the OSA:


    - Kathy